Hugo Rodriguez


Hugo Rodriguez
Bachelor Of Arts with Honours in Psychology

Hugo Rodriguez is a senior Psychologist in Private Practice since 1982. He is the founder and Director of West Area Psychological Services. A graduate of the University of New South Wales Hugo is a qualified Workcover and Medicare provider. His professional portfolio includes employments with the Department of Health of NSW, The NSW Corrective Services, and several Rehabilitation Firms.

He conducted a research study at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia), publishing a book on this topic in 2006 (What do I want? How do I get it? A complete guide to Effective Thinking and Mind Power).


Disillusioned with the little impact that traditional Marriage Counselling programs had on the still alarmingly high rate of divorce, he designed a counselling program based on a set of evolutionary laws and principles of Effective Thinking, which he utilised and perfected over a period of 20 years. He published these works in his second book, The Golden Rules of Marriage.


Hugo is currently accepting referrals under the Mental Health Care Plan (Bulk-billing), Workers Compensation Claims and Private clients. Waiting list is approximately two weeks