Solange Le-Feuvre

Solange Le-Feuvre


Solange Le-Feuvre – Podiatrist
Bachelor of Podiatry / Bachelor of Science (Biomedical) / Diploma of Massage Therapy (Shiatsu) / Cert. IV Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor
Location: Parramatta


Solange is an accredited Podiatrist and a member of the Australian Podiatry Association (APodA) and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA). She obtained her Bachelor of Podiatry degree from the University of Newcastle. Her podiatry clinical experience has been diverse ranging from in-clinic work, community health, mental health, aboriginal health, aged care facilities, and home visits.


She has a 14-year history in the health and fitness industry, in personal training, fitness instruction, rehabilitation, massage and oriental therapy. This has provided her with invaluable experience and a holistic approach to podiatry. Throughout the years Solange has been exposed to a wide range of clients from elite athletes, the general population, to chronic patients. Enabling her to treat a broad range of musculoskeletal complaints and sports injuries.


Solange has completed several specialized courses in biomechanics, soft tissue injury assessment/therapeutic techniques of the ankle/knee/hip, Rocktape kinesiology & power taping, and acupuncture/dry needling course to enhance her skills in the clinical setting. She has a keen interest in musculoskeletal complaints/sport injuries of the lower limb, general podiatry and the diabetic foot.


Her vast experience and passion for seeking new knowledge, has allowed her to achieve successful treatment outcomes for her clients, from elite athletes to the general community.