Wei-Ting Ting

Wei Ting

Wei-Ting Ting - Director
Bachelor of Applied Science- Physiotherapy

Wei-Ting is the director of Energize Physiotherapy and Allied Health Centre and a partner in the Parramatta Branch. He studied a Bachelor of Applied Science- Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney and has been a practicing accredited Physiotherapist for over 9 years. Wei- Ting’s clinical experience is broad and expansive including placement at the Blacktown Hospital, Westmead Hospital, Auburn, rural Lismore and Sydney Olympic Park. Wei-Ting has completed a variety of specialised courses including the Bounce Back program, which has enhanced his skills in treating patients at our practice. Wei-Ting has extensive experience working with patients under Workcover, DVA, CTP and Medicare systems, as well as treating private patients and athletes. He is currently working with the sprinters of the Speed City Sprinters squad, providing high quality treatment to treat and prevent injuries.


Wei-Ting is fluent in both Mandarin and English.