Since I began attending Energize Physiotherapy, I have been impressed with the professionalism and skill of the entire team. Without them, my body would not be in the shape that it is in today.

Lucas Jan, 23


I suffered from a terrible back injury for years, but going to Energize Physiotherapy has not only helped relieve the pain and stress from my back, but also taught me the benefits of posture and Pilates in preventing further injury.

Susanne Switzer, 42


I rely on the team at Energize Physiotherapy to keep my body in prime condition to be able to do my job. The service and advice they provide covers all bases – physical and psychological – and is absolutely priceless.

Courtney Cho, 26


The physical and mental benefits of physiotherapy are unequivocal. I cannot thank the team at Energize Physiotherapy enough for opening my eyes to the importance of muscle conditioning – my knees have never felt better.

Stephen Roche, 32


Vertigo is something I’ve had to live with my whole life, but thanks to the team at Energize Physiotherapy I am finally able to stop my world from spinning.

Li Min, 38